Tulpa Creatives AB is a Swedish  Production Company working with Film, Music and Writing. Tulpa Creatives started out as a platform and since 2019, after more than 10 years of collaborations, the owners, Simon Kölle and Richard Jarnhed created the company.

The Tulpa team have made several TV-series, Composed Music to more than 100 projects, produced films and Commercials ranging from small companies to H&M. We also create Corporate films, Branded content and write books.  With a vast knowlegde of the film industry and with a great network we see no limits.

We are Always interested in collaborations, projects and meeting your company’s needs – big or small. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us.

Richard Jarnhed – Director & Writer

Richard Jarnhed is the Chairman of the board of Tulpa Creatives AB and was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a father of two wonderful kids. Film and storytelling is his great passion. Richard has 27 years’ experience of film production.  He has directed on several TV series, commercials and has written two novels. Music influence Richard a lot and is also essential in his life. Details sets the tone of a film; the way a line is delivered and the visual fingerprint of a film – are things that place the audience in the right spot and affects them. With great dedication and experience he create stories that will stand the test of time. Founder and owner of Tulpa Creatives.

 Web: www.jarnhed.com
Contact: +46 707 36 48 39, richard@tulpa.nu



Simon Kölle – Composer & Film Producer

Simon Kölle is the CEO of Tulpa Creatives AB.  Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Simon already in an early age came to love stories. Fascinated with fantasy and roleplaying games Simon grew up in the roleplaying Community. After years as a Playwright and Director Simon went into music wholeheartedly. Some 10+ albums later, running a Record label and distribution for 10 years, studies in Theatre and Film Science, Dramaturgy, Writing and Film Music; Simon shifted his focus to Film Music. Simon has worked both in the Nordic countries and Hollywood. He’s been given accolades by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, John Malkovich, Steven Seagal, won more than 20 international awards and been nominated on festivals in Hollywood, London and several other places.  2013 Simon started to produce film projects and have produced several features that’s been seen all over the world.  Simon today works as a Composer and Film Producer. Simon is also an accomplished writer with some 20 years of experience as a professional.  Founder and owner of Tulpa Creatives.

Web: www.simonkolle.com
Contact: +46 707 92 53 27, simon@tulpa.nu

Henrik Summanen – Director of Operations Strategy

Henrik Summanen works within Tulpa Creatives with strategy and as a project leader. He was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. A father of three Henrik now lives in Västerås. He’s a Coordinator at DIGISAM, Swedish National Heritage Board. He is a recognized strategist and has a background in producing large interactive productions and has been one of the leading lights in the Nordic LARP scene. He has big projects behind him, with the company Alternaliv AB, such as Monitor Celestra, Inside Hamlet, Carolus Rex, Nyteg. Henrik is well educated in fields such as Linguistics, Archeology, Film and Leadership. He’s been working some 10 years with museums as a project leader and the last decade as an Operations developer and Coordinator at The Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet). 2013 The Swedish government appointed Henrik  a member of the Advisory Council of The National Library of Sweden which he still is on. Henrik is board member of Tulpa Creatives.

Contact: +46 703 74 17 89, henrik@tulpa.nu