These are some of the TULPA CREATIVES associates that we are working with right now. In alphabetic order.


Writer, Chief Editor.
A legendary Swedish game designer. He is one of the most well published designers of role playing games in Sweden including games like Drakar och Demoner and Mutant.

Anna Lindström

Distributor, CEO of Lucky Dogs AB.  Anna has distributed films like Moonlight, The Lobster and many more.

Carl Molinder

Producer, CEO of The Talent Group. Produced Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in),  Let me in, several other films, TV-series like The Comedians and 121 episodes of Sen Kväll med Luuk.

Ebba Stymne

Writer working on ”Red Emerald”. This very promising script writer  graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts (STDH) 2018 with a Bachelor in script writing.

Guillaume Le Huche

Writer and translator, Ph D Candidate in Religious Studies at the University of Gothenburg.
A background in Nordic LARP, game design, music and storytelling.

Henrik Ahlström

Multi-talendet artist and Storyteller working as the right-hand man to Richard Jarnhed and the team. Groving within the company.

Jenny Foiack

Writer working on ”Red Emerald”. A promising and structured script writer that except writing also teach.

Johan Halldin

An experienced Creative and Art Director working with brands such as Microsoft, Electrolux, Skanska, Atlas Copco etc. Owner of Halldin Werkstätten.

Joel Forssell

Writer working on ”Gibraltar” (also one of it’s creators). A multifaceted and talented writer and composer. Running the podcast Musik i Film together with Tulpa Creatives CEO Simon Kölle.

Lars Gustafson

Editor, S.F.K. One of the leading lights in Sweden as an editor. Living and working in both Sweden and Austin, Texas.  Jordskott, Modus, Hamilton are three of the TV-series he edited.

Mattias Lundberg

Executive Producer on Grimulvs’s Journey. Mattias have worked in Hollywood and Stockholm both as an actor and executive.

Petra Sandqvist

Petra Sandqvist is a  writer working on Mixi. Petra is a passionate writer with a bachelor degree in both screenwriting and psychology.

Rasmus Andersson

Writer working on ”Rubina”. A well educated script writer working as a development consultant on Nordisk Film.

Tess lydeholt Berg

Writer working on ”Rubina” (also one of it’s creators). Known for her comical touch and many times at the same time working with serious subjects.