TULPA CREATIVES have lot’s of friends and a great network we are proud of. Here are some of the friends we are working with right now. In alphabetic order.

Anna Lindström

Distributor, CEO of Lucky Dogs AB

Carl Molinder

Producer, CEO of The Talent Group

Ebba Stymne

Writer working on ”Red Emerald”

Henrik JOhansson

Executive Producer, CEO of Boundless Network

Henrik Summanen

Producer, Coordinator at DIGISAM, Swedish National Heritage Board

Jenny Foiack

Writer working on ”Red Emerald”

Joel Forssell

Writer working on ”Gibraltar” (also one of it’s creators)

Lars Gustafson

Editor, S.F.K.

Laura Mpagi

Writer working on ”Border Patrol”

Lee Rothenflue

Producer, Cut to Black

Lovisa Dahne

Writer working on ”Border Patrol”

Magnus Leijon

Writer, Swedish Hill Productions

Mattias Lundberg

Executive Producer

Rasmus Andersson

Writer working on ”Rubina”. 

Robert bengtsson


Tess lydeholt Berg

Writer working on ”Rubina” (also one of it’s creators)