Get to know Henrik Summanen

It’s time for yet another interview with one of our members in our team. We recently launched a new series on that spotlights the inner circle of our company.

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Simon Kölle – Founder
Lars Gustafson – Editor
Anders Blixt – World Creator
Henrik Ahlström – Storyteller  
Guillaume Le Huche – World Creator

Henrik Summanen is a board member of Tulpa Creatives and works as the ”Director of Operations Strategy”. He is a recognized strategist and has a background in producing large interactive productions and has been one of the leading lights in the Nordic LARP scene. He has big projects behind him, with the company Alternaliv AB, such as Monitor Celestra, Carolus Rex, Nyteg. Henrik is well educated in fields such as Linguistics, Archeology, Film and Leadership. He’s been working some 10 years with museums as a project leader and the last decade as an Operations developer and Coordinator at The Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet).

The interview was made with Henrik in May 2019.


From left: Henrik Summanen, Simon Kölle, Anders Blixt, Henrik Ahlström, Richard Jarnhed, Lars Gustafson