Nordic Entertainment publ: NENT Group creates `Dystopia’ as latest original production

Tulpa Creatives founder and co-owner Richard Jarnhed, together with Jarowskij’s producer Lotta Westberg have created the VIAPLAY Original TV-series Dystopia. The series is produced by Jarowskij and is currently filming in Lindesberg in central Sweden.

Dystopia is a Swedish horror series that features rising stars Madeleine Martin and Johan Hafezi. It is scheduled for premiere on Viaplay in 2021.

The next original production from Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region’s leading streaming company, is Swedish horror series `Dystopia’. A chilling tale of supernatural powers unleashed during a post-apocalyptic Nordic LARP inside a factory in the Swedish forests, `Dystopia’ features a star cast of new Nordic talents and will premiere exclusively across the region on NENT Group’s Viaplay streaming service in 2021.

For a group of thrill-seeking young Swedes, an abandoned Cold War-era factory deep in the wilderness seems the ideal setting for a live roleplay designed to push them to their physical and mental limits. But the game soon turns deadly serious when a series of mysterious events unfold, awakening dark forces.

`Dystopia’ stars Madeleine Martin (NENT Group’s `ALEX’), Johan Hafezi (`Jägarna’), Happy Jankell (NENT Group’s `The Ambassador’), Erik Bolin (NENT Group’s `ALEX’), Johan Hedenberg (`The Perfect Patient’), Lola Zackow (NENT Group’s `Conspiracy of Silence’), Erika Cardenas Hedenberg (`The Restaurant’), Maja Rung (NENT Group’s `Honour’) and Christian Svensson (`24′).

The eight-part production is based on an idea by director Richard Jarnhed and producer Lotta Westberg, both of whom worked on NENT Group’s successful `Black Lake’ original series.

Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group Chief Content Officer:

Just like a creepy old building in the woods, the Nordic horror genre is both unexplored and intriguing. As the region’s leading streaming storyteller, we are constantly looking to explore new genres and broaden the appeal of Viaplay’s offering. High-quality horror resonates particularly well with young adult viewers, and we see great potential for an adrenaline-fueled show like `Dystopia’ that brings together some of the Nordic region’s most talented rising stars.

Tulpa Creatives founder, co-owner, and CEO Simon Kölle joins the team as the series Composer and will compose music to all 8 episodes.

Madeleine Martin about the series:

 It’s not common that anyone dares to create something in this genre in Sweden and when a company goes all the way like this, I want to be part of it. Horror is completely new for me and I am excited by the challenge. I Think this will be something unique for Sweden.

Richard Jarnhed is not just one of the founders and owners of Tulpa Creatives. He is also a well-established director and script writer. He’s the director of all 8 episodes:

 I have loved the horror genre since I was young and got terrified by “The Shining”, “Alien” and “Rosemary’s Baby”. Dystopia is a psychological horror series with an international feel.  inspired by, among others, “Chernobyl”, “Black Swan” and “Jacobs Ladder”. I believe the viewers will recognize the mood from Black Lake season 1. The locations in the factory are fantastic and it creates a unique setting for a psychological horror drama..

Other talents within Tulpa Creatives also work/worked on the TV-series.
To be continued.

Photo’s: Johnny Wholin

Get to know Lars Gustafson

Every week we interview one, two or three people in our team so you get to know us better. Read about the founders Richard Jarnhed and Simon Kölle 

Lars Gustafson, an internationally acclaimed Film Editor and Post Production Producer, is an outstanding editor. Lars have edited TV-series and films professionally since early 2000 and among his credit we find Jordskott, Modus and several films both in Sweden and USA. He’s now living in Austin and Stockholm. Lars is also an entrepreneur with great knowledge in post-production and have outside of drama also edited tons of commercials and other projects. Today he’s foremost an editor and Post Production Producer in drama productions.

The interview with Lars was made in April 2019……….

Lars (to the far right) with (from left) Henrik Summanen, Simon Kölle, Anders Blixt, Henrik Ahlström, Richard Jarnhed.

What made you pursue working creatively within the film, tv and/or gaming world? 

For me it started as a way to make some money during summer break from college while I was pursuing a marketing degree. After graduation and a stint in “the real world” I felt that my soul was slowly dying. I took a chance on film again with the idea of becoming a film editor. I felt that I could influence the creative process the most as an editor.

In 2-3 sentences who are you?

I’m a person who loves what I do and will continually try and become better and better. I’m loyal, dependable and will lay down in traffic for my family and friends.

What motivates you and why do you work creatively? 

I just want to get better. I’m in a competition with myself in which I always feel that I can get better. There’s more to know, more understand so that I can service the film better. Creativity is a muscle that need something to push against to grow, a skill that can be honed by dedication and hard work and I like that.

Tell us one memory from your previous work that still to this day inspire you.

I made a bold editing decision at a very early stage while editing my first comedy a long time ago which took out about three minutes from the beginning of the film and I never showed it to the director during the first screening. It worked so flawlessly that he never asked about it. I told him a couple of days later, but he didn’t even wanted to see the sequence with it in.

What’s Tulpa Creatives for you?

Tulpa is the future. It is way you approach a project with the intent to make it the best film possible in the early stages of development so that risk and “fix it in post” can be mitigated which in turn may give you enough time to find the best possible vision in the edit.

What’s your dream?

I want to have a ranch outside Austin where I have a post-production studio with 2-3 edit bays, screening-room, guest-houses, pool, horses, dirt bike-track, gym etc so that directors can come and stay comfortably while editing their master-pieces. I want to be able to work remotely with projects and I want to win an Academy Award and a BAFTA for editing.

How do you see yourself?

I see myself as someone you can count on, someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty and someone who you can collaborate with.

What’s your biggest strength’s/assets?

Work ethic, speed and creativity. My willingness to reach a little higher in my craft every time.

Name three movies and/or TV-series that inspired you a lot in your life.

Jönssonligan (the original movie-series), Highlander (first movie), The Goonies.

Do you have any advice for young film makers out there?

Don’t give up. Balance fortitude with humility and work to be a great collaborator.

Which film maker has influenced you the most?

Steven Spielberg.

If you got the opportunity to remake a movie or TV-series, which one would you go for?

In general, I despise remakes. I’m ok with you using a universe but not making a new movie from an old. Tell a new story instead.

Working with a project, is it harder to get started or to keep going? 

Neither. I love diving in to new things and a film will be done when you run out of time.

What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive effect on your work?

Don’t dig your heels in just because you put in a lot of effort in to your work. Be your own worst critic and open up to other view-points.

Mention one thing you think would make the film/tv/gaming industry better, what would it be?

Ask for help early in the process from people that will be part of the process in the later stages. Put more thought, time and money in to development. Expand the time allowed in post-production to find the best version of the film.


Get to know Simon Kölle

Every week we interview one or two people in our team so you get to know us better. First out was Richard Jarnhed.

Simon Kölle, an internationally award-winning Film Composer and Film Producer is one of the founders of Tulpa Creatives. Simon is an accomplished writer with some 20 years of experience as a professional. He has composed music to feature films, TV-series and a lot of other formats. He has also produced several feature films and been a co-producer or executive producer. Simon is a storyteller with a background in the music industry as a label owner and working with distribution. In the film industry Simon is a creative producer and film composer that also work with distribution.

The interview with Simon was made in april 2019.

What made you pursue working creatively within the film, tv and/or gaming world?

I have always loved movies and stories in general. As a kid I fell in love with gaming, most of all Roleplay Games but also Computer Games and eventually Live Action Roleplaying in the Nordic LARP tradition. Film music I became fascinated with via roleplaying to begin with and could not even dream about working as a Film Composer back then and even less as a Film Producer.

I found Theatre, was enrolled on a Theatre School and I immensely enjoyed working with Physical Theatre. My focus was directing and writing.

After school I studied Theatre Science at the Stockholm University and Dramaturgy and Creative Writing. I also founded (with three friends), and was the Creative Leader for, a Theatre Company called Teater 418. At our peak we had more than 60 people working with us in different projects. We became a small movement. I wrote and directed 6 plays that was played mostly on tours. Many of the ones active in the group moved, entered prestigious schools and as I saw the limitations of theatre and its scene, I left it and closed down Teater 418. Many of the ones we worked with created own groups and found success on their own.

I then entered a phase where I learned to create music in this modern-day era and told stories via music and radio theatre. After some 10+ albums and running a record label I felt ready to move on. To run a label taught me a lot and we were a label releasing music that was “cinematic”, and we also sold film scores. Our project also evolved, and we made instrumental music that many reviewers called “music to non-existing films”.

I studied more Dramaturgy, Fantasy Literature and Medieval arts & history. But after studying Film Music at Stockholm University I felt ready to take the leap over to become a Film Composer. I knew everything had been leading towards me fulfilling my dream of becoming a Film Composer. I was also cheered on by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, many reviewers from all over the world and Swedish National TV. 2009 I felt ready and I met director Richard Jarnhed and we started to work with the film “Stay Down”.

Parallel with composing and running a label I also kept on writing stories for different companies, LARP organizers, Magazines and later also ran a couple of websites. I always though kept my focus on film, tv and gaming. I kind of knew that my different, rather motley experiences would someday or somehow be beneficial.

2013 I took my first steps as a Film Producer and I loved it. I will though never stop composing music for movies and TV-series and I think the two professions are a perfect combination for me.

In 2-3 sentences who are you?

I am a storyteller, a creative mind that loves to create and produce. I like to peruse what I enjoy and do things wholeheartedly. I also love life and would love to live to be 500 years old.

What motivates you and why do you work creatively?

For me working creatively is something I feel chosen to do. To create something out of ideas are like magic. I am motivated by both the process and the result.

Tell us one memory from your previous work that still to this day inspire you.

After the opening of my first play I felt a bit down, if people understood my intentions or not, I could care less about but at the same time I wanted to reach the audience. One of the first ones coming up to me was a young talented musician who said something like ”I have always hated theatre but if it is like this, I love it!”. Later, people created study circles and added analysis of the play in their education and it blew my mind. A year after the opening I got a package sent to me with summaries and texts about the play from a group of newly arrived (to Sweden) individuals that inspires me to this day. All these people of different age, gender and nationality that saw different things in the play affected me immensely in a positive way.

What’s Tulpa Creatives for you?

Richard Jarnhed calls it a Mothership and I like that analogy. It’s a dream come true.

What’s your dream?

I dream a lot and like to make dreams come true. Dreams have been a major inspiration for me since childhood. More concrete I want to create something lasting.

How do you see yourself?

A Flexible, creative, hard working man that loves to live a good life and to create. I am very much a person inspired by other people, art and I am always looking forward to different stuff. I also truly love my family and friends.

What’s your biggest strength’s/assets?

I would say my dedication, work ethic, do or die attitude and creativity. I also have a lot of energy and a lot of will power. I never give up!

From Angel Heart, 1987

Name three movies and/or TV-series that inspired you a lot in your life.

Twin Peaks, Jacobs Ladder, Angel Heart

Do you have any advice for young film makers/writers out there?

Don’t hesitate and really go for it. Maybe you cannot start out making the biggest projects right away but it’s extremely important to get work done. Don’t let people put you down! It’s difficult for everybody.

Which film makers/writers has influenced you the most?

David Lynch has inspired me a lot. I don’t think everything he has done are the best, but I truly believe he’s a master. I am also influenced by Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick and of course Andrei Tarkovsky. These days I am though very much inspired by contemporary film makers (often creators of TV-series).

When it comes to writers, I enjoy the Beatnik authors like William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac to mention a few.

If you got the opportunity to remake a movie or TV-series, which one would you go for?

Lord of the Rings, I would have liked to do it grittier and more down to earth and less like a big matinée.

Working with a project, is it harder to get started or to keep going?

I would say that for many it’s easier to start than to keep going but for me I love to get started and love to keep going. To keep going when it’s tough you need to dig deep, and I will go the extra mile if I believe in a project.

What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive effect on your work?

Everybody has thoughts about what you do. They have opinions and sometimes you listen too much on them. I have experienced a situation where I listened way too much on people which effected the end result. Since that and similar things more recently I have come to listen more on what I believe in. Other people’s input is important to be able to take in but not if you forget about yourself and your own vision.

Mention one thing you think would make the film/tv/gaming industry better, what would it be?

We need to enable systems that makes it easier to create films and TV-series.

Get to know Simon even more on his personal website: www.simonkolle.com