Tulpa Creatives wishes you a happy new year

We wish you all a happy New Year! We know that this past year has been hard times, and we hope that the coming year brings more certain times.

Looking back on 2020 it had its fair share of challenges but we at Tulpa have fought our way through and are happy with the result.


During the year we have produced no less than two Feature Documentaries and one of them was completed the 30th of December. The two documentaries covers Glam Rock and mental Il-health among youth. 


Richard Jarnhed, one of our founders, have directed all episodes of the TV-series Dystopia which will be released during 2021. Richard also wrote episodes on the TV-series. Our Story Editor Joel Forssell co wrote one episode and worked as a Story Editor in the Writers Room. Simon Kölle, CEO and founder of TULPA is the Composer for the Series. Dystopia is produced by Jarowskij for VIAPLAY and NENT.


We are developing several projects ranging from a TV-series to films. We have been given grants from the Swedish Film Institute for our feature Red Emerald which we are immensely proud of as the films genre is not common in Sweden. Even more rare as it is an original story and not an adaptation of a work of literature.


Tulpa have deepened our collaboration with the company Auxality, which we will tell you more about in 2021. We will have a long term cooperation with Auxality which we look forward to with great joy.

Henrik Summanen

Henrik has been working with us since the founding of Tulpa Creatives and has been a board member from day one as well. During 2020 Henrik became a co-owner of Tulpa Creatives and took the role as Head of Development.


A new year filled with new possibilities, collaborations and projects to be developed. We wish to thank all our co workers and colleagues we have worked with during 2020. And we now look forward to new adventures with you during 2021.