The World Builders

They are sometimes researchers, sometimes explorers of unknown or unwritten worlds, sometimes consultants and always creators. It differs from project to project – sometimes they expand an already existing “universe” and sometimes they create one from scratch or ideas.
We are exploring the concept of creating “worlds” that can harbor our stories. This comes from the idea that many stories in TV-series and Movies need to have a depth and be thoroughly  built up stone by stone.

Our World Builders are assisting the Script Writers and they also make sure that the worlds can hold more stories and be made into games and other media. They Work closely to The Creative Producer, Project Leader, Script Editor and the Script Writers.

Anders Blixt

Anders Blixt is one of the most well-published designers of roleplaying games in Sweden and has had a leading role in the production of classical titles such as Drakar och Demoner and Mutant. He’s been writing role-playing games since the late 1970s, written several fantasy and science fiction novels. He calls himself a “dreamsmith” and he’s a true pioneer of building worlds to games.

Read an interview with Anders from May 2019 HERE.

Guillaume Le Huche

Guillaume Le Huche is a storyteller, an artist and a scholar. Right now, Guillaume is a PhD Candidate in Religious studies and writes a thesis about medieval heretics. He has a background in music, studies in history, religion and being an avid and renowned gamer. He has also worked with translating obscure novels.

Read an interview with Guillaume from May 2019 HERE.